Recorder's Notes

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By Pamela Bacon
Logan CountyClerk and Recorder
June 9, 2021

Motor Vehicle Information:


In some cases, a certified VIN inspection is required.  A certified VIN inspection is an inspection that is conducted by a Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified inspector and completed on forms provided by the Department of Revenue.  The certified inspector checks both the public VIN (which may be located on the dashboard, or another highly visible area), and discreet VINs, the locations of which are only provided to law enforcement by the vehicle's manufacturer.  The inspector checks the public and discreet VINs against state and national databases of wanted and stolen vehicles. An inspection of a VIN must be completed by a Peace Officer Standards Training (P.O.S.T.) certified individual in the following instances:

  • Vehicles requiring a surety bond to establish ownership
  • Vehicles that are homemade, rebuilt and/or reconstructed or built from kits.
  • Vehicles where the VIN has been removed/changed/altered/ obliterated and must obtain a Colorado assigned VIN
  • Homemade trailers, trailers requiring an assigned trailer ID, kit trailers, In lieu of bond for trailers less than 2000 pounds, trailers from non- title states, and trailers from states that do not title or register trailers.
  • Salvage vehicles being made roadworthy
  • Private/Public Tow Bills
  • Model year- less than five years when no record found
  • If the motor number appears as the identification number on the out-of- state document, it must be included on the inspection, in addition to the Public VIN of the vehicle. The Colorado title will be issued showing the Public VIN.
  • DR 2704 Certified VIN inspection is not acceptable if the completed form is over one year old, from the date of application.

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