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Disability Disclosure on Vehicle Registration, July 27, 2022

With the signing of HB 21-1014 (Disability Symbol Identification Document Act), any person living with a disability that affects their ability to effectively communicate with a law enforcement officer can choose to disclose they have a disability on their driver record for law enforcement to see. This law took effect Friday, July 1. 

The disclosure informs first responders the registration holder or a routine passenger has a disability which could affect their ability to communicate, including but not limited to cognitive disabilities, neurological diversities, mental health disorders, sensory needs, chronic illness, chronic pain and physical disabilities. 

To disclose a disability on a vehicle registration, Coloradans need a health care provider to complete and sign a DMV form (DR 2215 Voluntary Disability Disclosure Application) attesting the person has a disability which could affect their ability to communicate with law enforcement. 

Eligible Coloradans can then take the form to their county motor vehicle office and request the information be added to their account. 

Anyone who adds the identifier and decides they want to remove it later can also do so for free. Coloradans can either request the disability information be removed in-person at a county motor vehicle office (at any time during the registration period) or online (in a renewal transaction) by going to

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