Human Services Staff

Peggy Kircher2700Essential Support Supervisor
Sharon Dillie2210Administrative Specialist
Amy Harms2220Administrative Specialist
Kristina Scheele2230Administrative Specialist
Karen Milner2250Finance/Acct. Supervisor
Shannon Graves2240Assistant Finance Manager
Ashley Smith2260Senior Administrative Specialist
Erica Frevert2310Child Welfare Intake Supervisor
Jaclyn Diel2370Child Welfare – Adult Protection Caseworker
Vacant2540Child Welfare – Caseworker
Weston Dedrickson2360Child Welfare – Caseworker
Kayla Stebakken3050Child Welfare – Caseworker
Karen Richards3140Child Welfare – Intake Screener
Nicki Smith2530Child Welfare -- Caseworker
Sarah Brown2910Child Welfare On-Going Supervisor
Brooke McConnell2630Child Welfare -- Caseworker
Ashley Hermes2500Child Welfare – Caseworker
Shannon Deal2950Child Welfare – Caseworker
Celeste Skeels2670Child Welfare – Case Aide
Barbara Salyards2400Child Welfare - Case Aide
Crystal Jackson2410Child Welfare Resource Unit Supervisor
Breanna Souffrant2970Child Welfare – Caseworker/Foster Care Coordinator
Nicole Lee2340Child Welfare - Caseworker/Foster Care Coordinator
Justine Hanneman2550Child Welfare - Case Aide
Erin Rinaldo2380Core Services Supervisor
Amber Casady2520Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
Erlene Dever2320Child Welfare – Core, Case Aide
Madison Applegate2390Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
Makaiden Pace3150Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
Mailee Oscepinski2510Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
David Troy2300Assistance Programs Supervisor
Melissa Dassaro2640A-C (FA/MA)
Esther Buchholz2650D-HIC (FA/MA)
Savanah Guhl2660HID-MIL(FA/MA)
Vacant2450MIM-R (FA/MA), Spanish
Breanna Kemerer3060S-Z (FA/MA)
Sandi Shaw3090A-Z MAGI Only with Children
Janice Rice3040Adult Programs / Fraud Supervisor / SSI only
Elizabeth Lopez2600A-E Adult Programs/All Group Homes
Mindy Carpenter2610F-L Adult Programs
Rhonda Chrisp2860M-R Adult Programs 
Renee Galvin Marin2590S-Z Adult Programs/All AND Cases
Jessica Smith3690Fraud
Theresa Steger2620A-L MAGI
Charla Peterson2290Child Support Enforcement Supervisor U-Z Child Support Specialist, Fees / Financial
Vacant2680 A-F Child Support Specialist
Heather Deverell2570G-H Child Support Specialist Case Initiation & Initial Interviews
Laurie Bellendir2560I-N Child Support Specialist
Krysta Kenney2690O-T Child Support Specialist
Donna Marx2490Self Sufficiency Supervisor
Michelle Talamantes2440A-L TANF Case Manager/Diversion
Teresa Rogers 2470  M-Z TANF Case Manager/Diversion
Kyah Buchholz2460A-Z MA &, Daycare (FA with MA/CCAP Cases)
Carrie Jackson2430A-Z Child Welfare Daycare/Providers
Jennifer Bedford3000Employment First Case Manager
Kathy Owens2480Self Sufficiency TANF A-Z