Human Services Staff

Name Extension Title
Peggy Kircher 2700 Essential Support Supervisor
Sharon Dillie 2210 Administrative Specialist
Amy Harms 2220 Administrative Specialist
Kristina Scheele 2230 Administrative Specialist
Karen Milner 2250 Finance/Acct. Supervisor
Shannon Graves 2240 Assistant Finance Manager
Ashley Smith 2260 Senior Administrative Specialist
Erica Frevert 2310 Child Welfare Intake Supervisor
Jaclyn Diel 2370 Child Welfare – Adult Protection Caseworker
Vacant 2540 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Weston Dedrickson 2360 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Kayla Stebakken 3050 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Karen Richards 3140 Child Welfare – Intake Screener
Nicki Smith 2530 Child Welfare -- Caseworker
Sarah Brown 2910 Child Welfare On-Going Supervisor
Brooke McConnell 2630 Child Welfare -- Caseworker
Ashley Hermes 2500 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Shannon Deal 2950 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Vacant 2670 Child Welfare – Case Aide
Barbara Salyards 2400 Child Welfare - Case Aide
Crystal Jackson 2410 Child Welfare Resource Unit Supervisor
Breanna Souffrant 2970 Child Welfare – Caseworker/Foster Care Coordinator
Nicole Lee 2340 Child Welfare - Caseworker/Foster Care Coordinator
Justine Hanneman 2550 Child Welfare - Case Aide
Erin Rinaldo 2380 Core Services Supervisor
Amber Casady 2520 Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
Erlene Dever 2320 Child Welfare – Core, Case Aide
Madison Applegate 2390 Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
Makaiden Pace 3150 Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
  3050 Child Welfare – Core, Caseworker
David Troy 2300 Assistance Programs Supervisor
Melissa Dassaro 2640 A-C (FA/MA)
Esther Buchholz 2650 D-HIC (FA/MA)
Savanah Guhl 2660 HID-MIL(FA/MA)
Renee Galvin-Marin 2450 MIM-R (FA/MA), Spanish
Celeste Skeels 3060 S-Z (FA/MA)
Janice Rice 3040 Adult Programs / Fraud Supervisor / SSI only
Elizabeth Lopez 2600 A-E Adult Programs/All Group Homes
Mindy Carpenter 2610 F-L Adult Programs
Rhonda Chrisp 2860 M-R Adult Programs 
Nicole Alexander 2590 S-Z Adult Programs/All AND Cases
Jessica Smith 3690 Fraud
Theresa Steger 2620 A-L MAGI
Charla Peterson 2290 Child Support Enforcement Supervisor U-Z Child Support Specialist, Fees / Financial
Charla Peterson 2290 Child Support Enforcement Supervisor U-Z Child Support Specialist, Fees / Financial
Annette Ruch 2680  A-F Child Support Specialist
Heather Deverell 2570 G-H Child Support Specialist Case Initiation & Initial Interviews
Laurie Bellendir 2560 I-N Child Support Specialist
Krysta Kenney 2690 O-T Child Support Specialist
Donna Marx 2490 Self Sufficiency Supervisor
Michelle Talamantes 2440 A-L TANF Case Manager/Diversion
Teresa Rogers  2470   M-Z TANF Case Manager/Diversion
Kyah Buchholz 2460 A-Z MA &, Daycare (FA with MA/CCAP Cases)
Carrie Jackson 2430 A-Z Child Welfare Daycare/Providers
Jennifer Bedford 3000 Employment First Case Manager
Kathy Owens 2480 Self Sufficiency TANF A-Z