Recorder's Notes

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By:  Pamela Bacon
February 22, 2023


Colorado Revised Statutes 1-2-601 Withdrawal of Registration:  At anytime that registration is permitted in the county clerk and recorder’s office, any person who desires to withdraw or cancel his or her own registration may do so by filing with the county clerk and recorder a self-affirmation of withdrawal of registration, and the self-affirmation shall be used as the record of evidence to cancel the elector’s registration record.   

  • The self-affirmation needs to include identifying information for us to match to the voter registration record- we need three to match – example: name and date of birth, address of registration, last four of social or driver’s license number. 

  • This is a voter’s choice and responsibility to cancel their registration record.

Colorado Revised Statutes 1-2-603 (2) If a county clerk and recorder receive a notice from the secretary of state or from an election official in another state that the elector has registered to vote in another state, the county clerk and recorder of the county of prior residence shall cancel the registration record if the name and birth date or the name and social security number of the elector match. 

  • This is a voter’s responsibility to cancel their registration record if they move and claim residency in another county in Colorado or a different state.

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