Recorder's Notes

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By Pamela Bacon
Logan CountyClerk and Recorder May 31, 2023
REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS C.R.S 42-1-102(81) C.R.S 42-3-103 & 42-6-140

All vehicles are registered for a 12-month period and have a one-month grace period from the date of expiration to renew.  The last business day of the month after expiration.

C.R.S 42-3-114 Every vehicle registration under this article shall expire on the last day of the month at the end of each twelve-month registration period and shall be renewed, upon application by the owner, the payment of the fees required by law, and in accordance with section 42-3-113 (3), not later than the last day of the month following the date of expiration.

No license plates other than those of the registration period to which they pertain shall be displayed on a motor vehicle operated on the highways of Colorado.

•    When renewed within the grace period, the vehicle will retain the original month of expiration.
•    Registration renewals do not require secure and verifiable identification information. The presentation of identification is recommended, secure and verifiable identification is preferred.
•    Vehicles renewed past the one-month grace period do not get placed into a new cycle and will remain in their current cycle, unless 12 months expired, then they will be processed as a new registration.

  • Prior Specific Ownership Tax will be collected from the month following the month of expiration through the month of application for renewal.
  • Colorado Motor Vehicle law allows for a penalty to be assessed if a vehicle is not registered at the time required by law (see C.R.S. 42-3-112 Failure to Pay-Tax-Penalty-Rules).

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